You want your company to be more innovative, inclusive and productive. You want your talent to surface and to be put to good use.

We can help.

Deploying the same behavioral economics techniques we use in innovation and negotiation support, we transform corporate cultures and shift employee habits.


Round table focus groups and online surveys are all good and well. And there are plenty of firms that can count votes. For those companies that want to get to the root causes of the good and bad of their employee engagement, we deploy the same techniques we use in product innovation in order to audit culture. Observation, randomized interviews, scenario testing, immersive discussions – producing a dashboard of hotspots for protection and intervention.


We’re not interior designers, we’re pragmatic shapers of the workspaces you already have. With discrete interventions we create cues and incentives to shift employee habits, behaviors and workflows to improve idea sharing, sustainability, collaboration, meetings productivity and overall employee engagement. 



With corporate revenues booming, and recruitment static, fewer employees have time for standard training. To complement the workshops and leadership programs delivered by our team at Frontier Academy, we produce “Learning Bursts” – short, intense learning interactions that raise skills and shift perspectives with a huge impact:time ratio. Deskdrops, podcasts, guest speakers, infographics, wall-art, video, team-meeting kits. Whatever it takes to raise understanding and performance.



Long passed as a buzzword, sustainability and wellness are phrases that now mean stewardship, resourcefulness, efficiency and long-term thinking. We partner with clients to build internal programs that shift employee habits to be both more sustainable for the environment, and healthy for the employee. Driving down absenteeism and health costs, driving up commitment and responsibility.



Yes, we think the whole team-building industry is cheesy too. But there’s occasionally a genuine need for experiences that start creating a sense of team amongst new and dispersed colleagues. Designed in partnership with our teammates over at Frontier Academy, we create experiences and activities that initiate the process of building positive team dynamics.


The first few days of employment at your company are critical to setting the tone of performance, habits and behaviors. We partner with clients to design onboarding processes that set every new employee on the optimal path. We create guides that harness engaging graphics, video, audio, combined with custom digital books (published by our sister company, Frontier Press), and learning materials. 


Based on the culture audit and your corporate mission, we work with you to create the right communications voice for your organization. With our Rapid Media Unit, we'll support you in creating communication assets that engage and motivate your employees, and uplift performance.


Partnering with our friends at Frontier Live, we curate a series of speakers at your offices, leading to an alternative way of thinking on a range of subjects to stimulate employee perspectives, ideas and attitudes.

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